Publication ethics

Principles of transparency and best practice

The AnestesiaR Electronic Journal (ReAR), the blog and the AnestesiaR learning platform subscribe to the COPE guidelines on good publication practice.

The AnestesiaR Electronic Journal is open access and is available to all readers via OJS open-source software.

Publication of articles in the journal is subject to peer review. Both reviewers and authors will remain anonymous throughout the peer review process.

The AnestesiaR Electronic Journal holds a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Licence.

About the ownership and management of the journal

The AnestesiaR Electronic Journal belongs to the Spanish Anaesthesia and Reanimation Association, a non-profit organisation declared of public interest by Madrid City Council which is listed under number 592,532 on the National Associations Register, Group 1, Section 1.

About the journal’s Board of Directors and Editorial Board

The journal is managed by renowned professionals who are passionate about their work and seek no monetary reward for their dedication to this journal.

About publication fees

Authors are informed that no fees or other financial contribution will be required for the publication of any manuscript in the AnestesiaR Electronic Journal (ReAR). No payments will be made for publication. This does not exempt authors from payment for services such as translation into other languages, which may be arranged through the journal on an optional basis.

About copyright

Authors will be clearly informed about copyright and licence information before submitting their articles. All articles published in the journal are protected by copyright.


About conflicts of interest

The Editorial Board of the AnestesiaR Journal declares that it has no conflict of interest and that it conducts its work freely and independently. Authors are also required to declare any conflicts of interest prior to submission.

Funding sources

The Spanish Anaesthesia and Reanimation Association is a non-profit organisation. The costs deriving from the editorial process itself (servers, web hosting, IT maintenance and technical secretariat) are funded by the inclusion of selected advertisements on the organisation’s web platforms.


The advertisements displayed on AnestesiaR platforms are always related to the content of AnestesiaR. The advertising policy may be requested by writing to: Decisions regarding the acceptance of advertisements and their relation with the content or with (online) reader behaviour will be made by the AnestesiaR Editorial Board.

Publication schedule

The journal will be published on a monthly basis, or, in exceptional cases where the quality criteria adopted by the journal are not met, on a bimonthly basis.


AnestesiaR holds an electronic security copy and maintains access to the journal content via CLOCKSS and PubMedCentral.